Awaken your inner and outer beauty ..

Amelia (Mils) offer’s a unique and bespoke service to help enhance your confidence and self love. Bringing together her love and appreciation of yoga/mindfulness and hair/beauty to help you prepare for your photoshoot, wedding day, retreat weekend or any special occasion and feel your very best from the inside, out!

Services include anything from an at home blow wave & style, to a complete experience including hair styling, make up and yoga/meditation “feel good” package. Also offering hair colour and cutting with over 14 years experience. All services offered at your location to make things super easy.

As a student and qualified facilitator of yoga, Amelia is an advocate for the merits of the practice and the positive impacts it has on our lives. Combining and specialising in tailored offerings in yoga, mindfulness, hair and make up. Designed to enhance your self love and spark your inner confidence xx


All services can be offered at your location. Starting your day with Yoga, Yin & Meditation to set your intention.

Self care

Begin your special day with Yoga and mindfulness to breathe, ground, nourish your mind, body & heart space. All services offered separately.


Hair + Make Up by Amelia. We also have a range of catering and massage therapy contacts for your special day. Contact